edith study guide - Psychology Study Guide What is normal...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology Study Guide What is normal functioning? Aborations in a person psyche What is average/standard? Sometimes beign above average is good. Define normality on what is most common Optimal- not optimal is abnormal o Health Common criteria for abnormality Deviance- different from the standard Distress- feeling psychological pain- anxiety disorders- disrupts functioning. Dysfunction- interfere with daily living Danger- harm to themselves or others! Least common Criteria for Abnormality Constantly change, society and values change Differ depending on circumstances (e.g, external stress) Szasz, The myth of Mental Illness o Problems in living o Instrument of oppression (e.g Paranoia in lwow SES group) towards people we dont like, call them crazy. o Led to humanistic approaches and emphasis on environmental determinants Historical Approaches Demonology vs medical view o Belief in demons, idea that bad behavior comes from evil spirits. Trephening- holes in peoples heads to let out the evil spirit. Archaic- belief, came back into play in the middle ages. o Or u live an impure life and were cursed- supernatural o MV- Greek and roman tradition. Hypocrates- father of medical view- 4 humors- elements- biles and blood. Imbalance caused disorders. Drained fluuids, foods (diet). Mental disorders were caused by the same thing as physical ones. Moral Treatment- 19 th century o Grew out of MV- reborn during renissance and stayed around continuously after that. o General parethis- caused by syphilis- looks like dementia. Physical causes for mental disorders. Resurgent of psyholocail treatments to thise who were ill, treated like criminals and locked away. Added to their illness. o Asylums- into institutions, made them act normal, civilized society. People did get better. Development of morla treatment centers- Important Historical Figures o Pinel- French man who ran one of the worst asylums in paris and turned it around to a moral treatment centers. o Benjami rush- English man, brought MT to the united states o Dorathea Dix- School teacher tho go involved in moral treatment. Helped to appeal to state legislature to start state hospital systems. Part of MT movement....
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edith study guide - Psychology Study Guide What is normal...

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