History - young women everywhere. The reason why this was...

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Allen Williams Dr. Phoenix 10-10:50 Advertising I.D. Over a century ago in America advertising was becoming increasingly popular. Professor Daniel Pope analyzes the history of advertising and how it came around. Advertising was a method of selling a product. Many companies have become the largest in the world because of advertising. A couple of examples are Marlboro Cigarettes and Volkswagen. During the 1920’s ads swayed Americans to buy products they became very influential. Another example was advertising for “The Skin you Love to Touch”, it created appeal to
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Unformatted text preview: young women everywhere. The reason why this was so revolutionary was because it changed American society in various ways. For example when a high-class product came out the lower/middle class Americans flocked to it, they saw it as a ticket to a higher social status in the community. Advertising created provocative allusions to sexuality. It also transformed the way companies marketed their products, increasing their revenues. Overall advertising has changed the American economy and the American society....
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