Essay Question - Essay Question I believe the United States...

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Essay Question: I believe the United States has acted more like a traditional empire, fighting for the narrow interests of national elites rather than the good of humankind. This has been demonstrated throughout the past 200 years by the United States overstepping their boundaries in foreign countries, as in the case of Hawaii and the usage of horrid war tactics, like the body count and firebombing. If the United States were trying to help the good of humankind out, they would put their interests after those who they are helping, not their interest before others which can be seen in Remembering the Gulf. They may appear to be helping another group of people out, but in reality, they are benefiting greatly and making profits off of those people, such as seen in the Marshallese’s islands today. When it comes down to the United States fighting for the narrow interests of the elites, this happens only because the elites are in charge and have their own agendas to make the most profits and let everyone know they are in power. In the United States, elitists are in charge and among the top governmental and military officials, which gives them more control on what does occur. Curtis LeMay, as depicted in the movie Fog of War , allows us to see an example of a United States elitists in action with no consideration for the number of deaths and the ways in which people died under his command. He also had various justifications for why he committed war crimes. Being in command gives a person the right to do what he believes is necessary, but when people like LeMay are given space to control what happens, devastation occurs. One of goals he wanted to accomplish was to destroy Cuba. He believed in using as many weapons of possible instead of saving them for a future event. As a Cornell and a Commander, his duty was to make decisions he believed were right, which could be seen as totally worn by others. He commanded the firebombs burning down Tokyo and the nuclear bomb dropping. In his mind, war did not have guidelines or ethical rules and was willing to put his life on the line for WS to continue to be in power. Domestically, the United States has destroyed the middle and working class
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Essay Question - Essay Question I believe the United States...

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