Analytical Critique - Makayla Bradford December 3, 2010...

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Makayla Bradford December 3, 2010 AMST 150, Sect 1 Analytical Critique: “History Will Remember Bush Well” During President Truman’s time in office, he had a very low popularity rate, but as time continues to pass, he is appreciated more because of his exceptional successes. Like Truman, Bush had a low popularity rating, but will he be appreciated as Truman is today for his successes? Marc Thiessen stated in the Wall Street journal, Bush’s mistakes will outnumber, like Truman, his successes, and therefore he will be appreciated as years pass by. His first argument was that Bush has saved our financial institutions. The second argument was Bush gave us victory on the war on terror. I believe the opposite; Bush will not be appreciated anymore than he is now and accumulated more mistakes than he did accomplishments. Thiessen argued that Bush saved our financial institutions through tax cuts and bailing out the auto industry. He stated all these were put into place to advance the conservative priorities. At first, yes, tax cuts do seem like a good, profitable idea for the economy, but in reality, it does nothing to stimulate or have a positive impact on the economy. Tax cuts were not just given to the poor and working class by Bush, but the wealthy that already had enough money and did not need to receive a tax break, so they could become wealthier. A decrease in taxes meant the government receives less money and since Bush did not reduce the government’s
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Analytical Critique - Makayla Bradford December 3, 2010...

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