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Final Argument Response - Argument Response: Harper...

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Argument Response: Harper believes there is corruption within the government system as a whole and corruption is not in a few bad individuals and I agree with him. The government can be seen as a business in the way it is ran and makes profits. Throughout decades, the philosophy of corruption has prevailed through governments and it did not just happen over night or became a result of one individual’s negative influence on society. If it were just a couple of corrupt people, it would be easy to distinguish who is or is not corrupt and take them out of the government, but the opposite is true. By the looking at the government as a whole, we can see corruption, but by looking at various individuals, it is not so much prevalently seen. This shows us how embedded the running’s of the government corruption is and the unlikely hood of being able to change it. Recruitment of prospective people to work in the government or campaign for a specific topic has been used greatly to continue system corruption and enlighten people in
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Final Argument Response - Argument Response: Harper...

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