Analitical Analysis - Makayla Bradford October 15, 2010...

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Makayla Bradford October 15, 2010 AMST 150, Sect 1 Passage Analysis: Life in the Iron Mills Have you ever had to work hard in poor working conditions with lack of food and sleep? Well the workers in the Kirby and John’s rolling mills experienced this daily, during the Industrial Revolution. In the mills, iron rails were made from the scorching furnaces of fire, which the workers had to work with for many hours at a time and only on Sundays did the intensity of the fires lessen. The workers were not given education, medical treatment, or any chance of participating in society. The owners of the mills, known as the Bourgeoisie, were only interested in making profits and receiving a paycheck. They did not believe they had a duty or responsibility to take care of their workers. In society, people can view reality as the things they interact with and learn, but if one is not a part of society they cannot see reality, rather they can only imagine reality based on hearsay. Society is made up of social institutions and bounds between groups of people, which are not prevalent in the mills, as seen by the following quote: “His soul within him was smothering to death; he wanted so much, though so much, and knew – nothing. There was nothing of which he was certain, except the mill and things there. Of God and heaven he had heard so little, that they were to him what fairy-land is to a child: something real, but not here; very far off”(Davis, 76)
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Analitical Analysis - Makayla Bradford October 15, 2010...

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