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1 Makayla Bradford 17935574 Introduction The idea of marriage over the past 40 years has changed drastically throughout society through various types of reforms leading to a change in its meaning and function. Both symbolic interactionist perspective and functional perspective show the affects marriage and societies have on each other. Definitions of marriage have changed from traditional thinking of a lasting marriage, to a modern thinking about divorce and intimacy. Throughout history, the meaning of marriage has been reformed many times to include and exclude particular aspects of a marriage. A major controversy is the acceptance of same-sex marriage being hindered by federal acts, as seen with DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act. There are various ways to approach the legalization of same-sex marriage including legalize it, abolish state defined marriage, or preserve original meaning of marriage. The affects of the label “marriage” compared to other labels, like domestic partners and civil unions, can give negative or positive connotations to couples. First off, I would like to make clear of what symbolic interactionist and functional perspective both mean. Symbolic interactionist perspective, says symbols and meanings change over time and never stay the same for eternity within a society and is a Microsociological issue. Symbols are used to allow people to develop their own views and concepts of how to function in the world. It allows us to understand that people want to change the symbol of marriage because symbols are what define our relationships and society. The only reasons why symbols in society have meaning are due to humans giving them meaning and valuing them. Functional perspective tells us that society is made up of interrelated parts that work together giving us structures that guide and inform us how to interact, within a Microsociological perspective. It includes both functions, positive consequences, and dysfunctions, negative consequences. Society is understood by function, responsibility and contribution of each part, and structure, how the parts
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2 Makayla Bradford 17935574 fit together in society to make up a whole unit. Both perspectives will allow us to understand the deeper meaning and importance of marriage. The definition of a marriage stated by Mary L. Shanley (2003) is a man and women united for life, unless the most terrible offenses occur, providing a family foundation that could include children, both biological and adopted, and different tasks given to men and women. This definition gives us an understanding of what marriage meant 40 years ago. Marriage has been a symbol of a man and women in the past, but today, homosexuals want to being considered too. Symbolic interactionism shows us that marriage has already changed from a lifelong
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Research - 1 Introduction Makayla Bradford 17935574 The...

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