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Religion 150, Introduction to World Religions Fall 2010 Mid-term Exam Review Sheet Part 1 (20 points total) The objective section will consist of Multiple Choice questions drawn from lectures and readings in the book (chapters 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7). To prepare, review the readings, the overhead file (available on Laulima) and your class notes. Part 2 (30 points total) You will be asked to discuss concepts and practices within a single religious tradition. A careful review of the following terms will prepare you for this section. Akua `Aumakua Brahman Buddhist precepts Dao Dharma Karma Lay practice (Buddhism) Moksha Nirvana Papa and Wakea Puja Wuwei Yin and yang Zazen Part 3 (50 points total) You will be assigned one of the following essays. We expect you to define the relevant terms as part of the essay. We also require that you follow a standard essay format. That means you will write in complete sentences and spell out your argument in paragraphs.
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Unformatted text preview: You will include a thesis statement in the introduction, and provide specific evidence derived from lectures and the textbook. Please note: You will not have a choice of essay on the exam. We recommend that you prepare for all of them. 1. Compare and contrast concepts of dharma in classical Hinduism and early Buddhism. Be sure to include a discussion of how dharma relates to the religious goals of the traditions. 2. Compare and contrast religious concepts of social class in the indigenous traditions of Hawai‘i and India (Hinduism). Be sure to discuss the place of priests in both traditions. 3. Compare and contrast Hindu and Buddhist strategies for attaining liberation (moksha). 4. Compare and contrast the practice of religious offerings in Hinduism and Shinto. 5. How do Hindu yoga and Buddhist meditation practices differ and overlap?...
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