Group Essay 5 - mantra dhyana jnana raja(8 stages Zazen...

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5) How do Hindu yoga and Buddhist meditation practices differ and overlap? Hindu yoga practice Similarities Buddhist meditation Main goals: - Bhagavad Gita recommends active spiritual paths - Various types of yoga are used to help people live spiritually - Create union with the divine; road to perfection ( margas ) In general, both are used to empty out the mind Gives a greater sense of peace and even oneness with their surroundings In Zen Buddhism (goals): - to achieve “awakening” or enlightenment ( satori ) In Pure Land Buddhism: - immediate goal is rebirth in Amida’s Pure Land - ultimate goal is awakening In Nichiren Buddhism: - To attain awakening Types of yogas: Hatha, kundalini,
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Unformatted text preview: mantra, dhyana, jnana, raja (8 stages) Zazen- “seated meditation” (Zen Buddhism); breathing Nembutsu-meditation or chanting “Amidha Buddhism” (Pure Land) Daimoku- chanting Lotus Sutra name (Nichiren)-practice of ahimsa (not hurting living beings)-occurrence of dhyana (when mind is focused on the object of concentration-samadhi (superior state of consciousness - idea of ahimsa is prevalent in both religions- direct pointing to the mind- seeing one’s nature and becoming Buddha- A special transmission outside the scriptures- attentiveness called mindfulness (breathing)- repetition achieved by deep meditation)...
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Group Essay 5 - mantra dhyana jnana raja(8 stages Zazen...

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