notes- lecture starting sep 15

notes- lecture starting sep 15 - Wednesday September 3 Why...

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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday September 3 Why american heritage? Human nature freedom- we want and crave it (falling of berlin wall) order-some kind of order (anarchist video) physical goods- food,clothes,etc.. willing to trade our freedoms for physical goods goods of the soul- we want friendship, romance, religion, art etc Power- we CRAVE power- pride gets the best of us once we get power we will practice unrighteous dominion Human Aspiration- how we want life to be a good society- a condition of ordered freedom (no choas) plenty of goods for body and soul Human Predicament- how it is tyranny- control suddam huessin- revolution leads to.. Anarchy- competing groups lead to tyranny again How do we escape tyranny and not lead to anarchy??? The creation of the United States is the greatest of all human activity-paul johnson (french) he says this because there is no tyranny or anarchy Monday September 8 th To what degree has america escaped the human predicament and became a TRULY good society? We need to know TRUTH We need to know truth jesus christ is the light of truth- give life he is the source of life light commandments is the good society in the light of truth of christ? SOLUTIONS TO THE HUMAN PREDICAMENT Direct democracy- ancient athens city state (polis) 510-388 B.C independent govn. Body- allowed them to release their talents others broke out of human predicament clistheres established democracy was an aristocrat wanted people to rule themselves- demos(people) cracy(rule/power) Ended w/ alexander the great dispelled any persons who become to powerful no representatives- people represented voters: adult male citizens, no wealth required legislation assembly- 5000 people would come government office mostly by lot- just chosen like names out of a hat contolled power by ostracism- vote people out that wanted power flourished the society PROBLEMS W/ DIRECT DEMOCRACY uneducated people in control- unwise persuasion rather than truth****** inefficent/impractical- to much time investment potential to be unjust- majority could be tyrannical unstable- doesn't last for long Philosopher King- ancient athens (the good) socrates-plato-aristotle-credicts of democracy 5 th century society should be based on truth philosophers should rule according to the good- smartest truth seekers def of good education- to much and to little could be bad unchangeable eternal ultimate human end source of life source of virtue: justice, courage, moderation, wisdom force good into nations and people- force truth and see that they do truth let philosophers reflect on good and rule accordingly PROBLEMS W/ PHILOSOPHER KING impossible to know true definition of truth- can philosophy really save us?...
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notes- lecture starting sep 15 - Wednesday September 3 Why...

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