Class Assignment Schedule Spring 2010

Class Assignment Schedule Spring 2010 - Semester Review...

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PH 2304 – Health Teaching Techniques for Peer Educators Semester Review – Spring 2010 Class Date Topic Assignments January 20 An Introduction to  Peer Education HEART Orientation Firestarter Groups  will be assigned January 27 Aneesah CPE 1: Understanding the  Power of Peer Education CPE 2: Strategies for Change in  High-Risk Behaviors Idea for Topic Selection  will be assigned Pre-Test CPE February 3 Kimmy Sexuality Reproductive Health Sexual Responsibility/  Contraception Circles of Sexuality Extra  Credit Journal February 10 Kimmy Sexually Transmitted Infections  and Diseases Fire-starter 1 February  17 Aneesah Diversity Dealing with Difficult  Questions Fire-starter 2 February  24 Aneesah Drug abuse Fire-starter 3 March 3 Kimmy Sexual Orientation Gender Expression Initial outline for  presentation due Fire-starter 4
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PH 2304 – Health Teaching Techniques for Peer Educators
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Unformatted text preview: Semester Review Spring 2010 March 10 No Class Spring Break March 17 Kimmy Wellness & Nutrition Guest Speaker: Nicole Patience Fire-starter 5 Class Date Topic Assignments SATURDAY March 20 Aneesah CPE Training: Units 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 Post-Test CPE March 24 Dina HIV 101 Fire-starter 6 March 31 Aneesah Sexual Violence, Domestic Abuse Healthy Relationships Fire-starter 7 April 7 Kimmy Self-Esteem/Self-Image Self-Care Eating Disorders Final outline for presentation due Fire-starter 8 April 14 Aneesah Time Management Stress Management Healthy Sleep Fire-starter 9 April 21 Kimmy & Aneesah Class Review/ Presentations Fire-starter 10 PH 2304 Health Teaching Techniques for Peer Educators Semester Review Spring 2010 April 28 Kimmy & Aneesah Presentations...
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Class Assignment Schedule Spring 2010 - Semester Review...

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