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Clinical Microbiology Lab Bio 2001 Fall Semester 2010 Safety Rules 1. Come to lab prepared by reading all assigned material beforehand. 2. Only place the lab manual and applicable materials on the bench top. Store other belongings underneath the lab bench. 3. You must wear a lab coat and gloves (provided) when performing exercises. Open-toed shoes and bare legs are forbidden. If you violate this rule, you will not be permitted to stay in the lab. 4. Beware of hot bacterial incinerators, lit Bunsen burners and hot water baths. 5. Keep long hair tied back and away from your face, cultures, and lab equipment. Avoid wearing hats and dangling jewelry. 6. Do not put anything in your mouth. Drinking, eating, chewing gum, smoking, and nail biting are prohibited. Keep your hands away from your face. 7. Immediately report all accidents and injuries to the instructor. 8. Know the locations of the following in lab: eye wash stations, safety shower, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, spill clean-up kit, first aid kit,
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Unformatted text preview: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) book. 9. Label all of your specimens and handle them with care. 10. Use the proper biohazard receptacles to dispose of gloves, lab coats, old plate cultures, and contaminated materials. Place old glass test tube cultures in designated area. Never pour anything down the drain unless permitted by the instructor. Dispose of broken glass and sharps in proper waste boxes. 11. Do not remove equipment, cultures, or reagents from the lab. 12. At the end of the period, clean up your station. 13. Wash your hands before leaving the lab. 14. If you have a personal health issue and are in doubt as to whether or not you should participate in a lab exercise, please ask the instructor. I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the above safety rules. Print Name ____________________ TUID #_____________________ Signature ____________________ Date _____________________...
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