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1 Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Bio 2001 Lab Practical Study Guide Fall 2010 The Microscope Lab Manual Exercise 1: Know the parts and functions of the microscope. Understand the meaning of the following: magnification (calculation of total magnification), resolution, and parfocal. With what do we clean the lenses? Staining Procedures Lab Manual Exercises 4, 5, 6, and 7 and handouts: Ex. 4: Why do we stain cells? What are advantages and disadvantages to heat- fixing slides? Know what basic and acidic dyes are and how they work. Know the basic shapes and arrangements of cells (Fig. 4.1) and that bacteria typically fall within the μ m range. Ex. 5: Know the difference between a Gram-positive and Gram-negative cell wall. Know the basics of how to perform the Gram stain technique including the function of each component. Be able to distinguish Gram-positives from Gram- negatives. Under what circumstances might you get a false Gram-negative result? Why is the Gram stain (and Acid Fast stain) considered to be a differential staining technique? Ex. 6 and handout: You used the Ziehl-Neelsen method for acid-fast staining. Know the staining procedure and function of each component. Be able to identify acid-fast from non-acid-fast organisms. Why are mycobacteria acid-fast? What advantages does this provide to the organism? What species cause important human diseases? Ex. 7 and handout: You performed the Schaeffer-Fulton method for endospore- staining. Know the staining procedure and function of each component. What are endospores and vegetative cells? Be able to identify each. Know the meanings of germination and sporulation. What two genera characteristically produce endospores? What human diseases discussed in lab are associated with spore-formers?
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LabPracticalStudyGuideFall2010 - Clinical Microbiology...

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