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Dietary Analysis and Report - Part 2 Project

Dietary Analysis and Report - Part 2 Project - Name Part II...

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Page 1 Name __________________________________________________________________ Part II Course Project: Dietary Analysis and Report Due at the beginning of class, APRIL 1 st Instructions: Follow these instructions carefully when completing this assignment. You will be asked to hand in your complete “Dietary Intake Recording Form”, three “Nutrient Intake Results” printouts, and the completed form “Evaluation of Dietary Assessment Results.” 1. You will need the 3 days of food records you completed for Part 1 to complete this part of the project. For Part II you will go on-line to enter and analyze your dietary intake. Using that analysis, you will complete the report in this assignment. 2. To enter and analyze your dietary intake for each day: a. Go to www.mypyramidtracker.gov . (Hint: MyPyramid tracker can get busy and slow. Try to avoid the peak period of usage which from 12 noon to 4 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday. It may take an hour to complete this analysis .) b. Select “Assess Your Food Intake.” c. Log in, complete personal profile, and select “Proceed to Food Intake.” d. Enter food items one at a time from your dietary intake record. When you have finished entering the foods, check to make sure you have entered all of them and made no entry mistakes. e. A fter all foods have been entered correctly, go to “Select Quantity” on the right - hand side of the screen. f. Indicate the appropriate quantity of each food entered. g. When all quantities have been entered and reviewed for accuracy, click the “Print Food Record” words and make a copy to hand in. Then click the “Save & Analyze” button. h. From the “Analyze Your Food Intake” page, select “Nutrient Intakes.” Print a copy of the Nutrient Intakes results to hand in. i. Repeat the above process to enter and analyze your dietary intake for the two other days. 3. Complete the Dietary Assessment Report form 4. Prepare to hand in your assignment by stapling together each of the following : a. Food Records (that you already turned in) b. Copies of the computer generated Food Record that show types and amounts of food entered for the 3 days c. Your three Nutrient Intakes printouts d. Dietary Assessment Report form (see below).
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