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Exam #1 Study Guide - 4 Energy-yielding nutrients 5 5...

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PH 1104 Nutrition and Health Exam #1 Study Guide Exam Details: 1. Test questions are multiple choice, matching, true/false, food label review… 60 questions 2. You will have 50 minutes to complete the exam (the entire class time). 3. DO NOT BE LATE TO THE EXAM. If you are late, you will not receive any extra time. 4. You should bring a calculator for the test. DO NOT USE CELL PHONES DURING THE EXAM. General tips: 1. Focus on the Points to Review listed in the Powerpoint lectures. 2. Be familiar with the definitions listed in each chapter and key terms listed in the Powerpoint lectures. 3. Make sure that you have read the chapters in as some items may be taken from the text. 4. Focus on any charts, tables, or figures from the text which were also highlighted in lecture. 5. The Self-Check questions at the end of each chapter in Sizer and Whitney are a great review. Chapter 1: 1. Malnutrition 2. Genetic vs. nutrition-related diseases; concepts and examples 3. Nutrient classes (general description and function)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Energy-yielding nutrients 5. 5 characteristics of a nutritious diet 6. Kcal/gram amounts for carbohydrate, fat, protein, alcohol 7. Factors that drive food choices 8. Phytochemicals and dietary supplements 9. Recognizing quackery Chapter 2: 1. DRI committee, goals, recommendations 2. DRI, RDA, AI, UL, EAR, DV’s 3. AMDR recommendations 4. MyPyramid – basic concepts 1 5. Recommendations of daily amounts based on 2,000 calorie level 6. Discretionary calorie allowance 7. Nutrition Labeling – Restaurant Menu Education and Labeling Act 8. Reading Food Labels Chapter 3: 1. Nutritional Assessment (ABCD’s) 2. Fluid circulation 3. Role of nervous system 4. Fight-or-flight response 5. Hormones - insulin and glucagon 6. Digestive tract and organs of digestive system (structure and function) 7. Different types of peristalsis 8. Steps in digestion (both chemical and mechanical) 9. Digestive juices - functions 2...
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Exam #1 Study Guide - 4 Energy-yielding nutrients 5 5...

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