Ethnicity Questions-Week 1

Ethnicity Questions-Week 1 - Q u e s t i o n s o n E t h n...

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Questions on Ethnicity. Honors Race in Greece and Rome (GHR H192). Kondratieff 1/26/05. 1 The Following is a series of “pull-quotes” from various authors of the 20 th century who wrote on the question of ethnic identity and formation. All the articles by the authors represented here can be found in Oxford’s reader, Ethnicity , which you can find at , with pdfs on some of the opening chapters (if you are interested). The table of contents is ap- pended to the last three pages of this document. What is ethnicity? (Tonkin) -A way of relating to others in terms of relativity (ME and MINE) and opposites (OTHER) (Weber) -A way of delineating social groups based on the group’s own subjective belief in its common descent based on physical similarities and/or customs; - or memories of colonization and/or emigration (shared political memories, - ties with old cult--as with foreign traders at Athens setting up their own cults at Peiraeus). The belief must be important for group formation/propagation to occur (blood relationship is not, however, necessary). -Common ethnicity delineates social groups but endogamous groups. -Racial factors ethnic group formation (races with common DNA can be split “ethnically” on socio-political lines, e.g., Tutsi and Hutu; Phoenicians [VIDEO; you saw it…]). What is ethnic identity? (Geertz) -Individual identifying characteristics that denote a tie (political, social, cultural, etc.) to a par- ticular social/ethnic group. - Artificial ethnic identities/constructs can be detected in a historical setting when a tribal grouping has an artificial , yet culturally significant, number attached to it (e.g., 12 tribes
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Ethnicity Questions-Week 1 - Q u e s t i o n s o n E t h n...

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