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RACE Paper 1-Greek Ethnicity

RACE Paper 1-Greek Ethnicity - Race in the Ancient...

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Race in the Ancient Mediterranean: Critical Analysis Paper Constructions of Greek Ethnicity in Herodotus Background: Ethnicity is not the same thing as race : two population groups of identical genetic makeup may, due to separation and divergences over time in language, customs, religious belief, or political systems consider themselves to be wholly different ethnic groups (e.g., the Tutsi and the Hutu in Africa, the Lapps and Finns in NW Europe, various indigenous groups of North and South America, etc.). Objective: Your job is to read the passages given below, and learn how different groups constructed their own ethnic identity, and how these identities were malleable and often modified in one way or another. Herodotus 1.56-58 (Spartans, Athenians) What is the “history” of Athenian ethnicity? What are Pelasgians (see also below for Leleges )? How does a non-Greek become Greek? Is Greek ethnicity linked to race/genetics or other characteristics in his view? Explain.
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