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Fidati 1 Emily Fidati Dr. Erby History 2110 9 th March, 2011 History Questions (Ernesto Galarza) 1 . What were the writer’s motivations for coming to America? Ernesto Galarza along with his mother, Uncle Gustavo and Uncle Jose migrated to North America to escape the hardships of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. When defeated Presidential candidate of Mexico, Francisco Madero found out he lost against the beloved long time President of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz it created great tension. According to Thomas Dublin author of Ernesto Galarza autobiography, “Francisco Madero launched a rebellion on President Porfirio Diaz forcing him to resign” (Dublin 213). Thomas Dublin explains how the growing tension caused a division in Mexico of “supporters for Francisco Madero known as Maderistas , and supporters for Porfirio Diaz known as Porfiristas” (Dublin 213). The rebellion shook Mexico and its civilians spreading fear and terror. Ernesto Galarza and his family faced the reality of the Mexican Revolution every day. In his autobiography, he explains how the government intervened during the Revolution sending Mexican guards known as Rurales to patrol the villages. Ernesto explains his family’s first encounter with a rural that came to search their adobe cottage. “When the door opened we saw a rural in full uniform, a peaked sombrero, tights, jacket, and shoes standing in the doorway” (Dublin 213). Rurales were very intimidating to Mexicans because they invaded their privacy by searching their homes for men to put in the military and personal belongings. Ernesto uncle’s actual left their home town of Jalcocotan, Mexico to escape being forced into the military. The fear caused by the Mexican Revolution and Rurales persuaded the whole Galarza family to migrate first to Tucson, Arizona and then Sacramento, California to create a new life. 2. What hardships did he or she face in America? What success?
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History #2 - Fidati 1 Emily Fidati Dr. Erby History 2110...

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