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HISTORY - 1 Black Codes-Reconstruction Period...

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1.) Black Codes: -Reconstruction Period 1865-1876 -Whites trying to secure White supremacy -Black Code tried to abolish 13 th amendment -persuaded blacks to go back to plantations -North troops had to monitor Southerners 2.)Reconstruction: -Reconstruction Period 1865-1876 -black codes -sharecropping -North troops came down to monitor Southerners -14 and 15 amendments -chaotic and unorganized -rebuild southern economy, reconstruct Southern states to union, political status of African Americans -Look at handout: “To Joy my Freedom” Tera W. Hunter -African Americans had to work to rebuild their lives, find family members, find jobs. 3.)15 th Amendment: -Reconstruction Period 1865-1876 -prohibits government from denying a citizen the right to vote no matter what their race. -established after Civil War -Stepping stone for African Americans -gave African Americans a voice for the first time -Established when Andrew Johnson was in office -abolished Black Codes 4.)Sharecropping: - Reconstruction Period 1865-1876 -Compromise between planters and freed slaves -Whites would rent out land to free blacks who would have to pay them back in crops -provided a lot of debt for freed slaves
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-another way whites were trying to re-establish their supremacy in the South -this took over the South -freed slaves were back working on plantations to work off debt 5.)Commercial Farming: -Gilded Age 1876-1896 -technology changed the game for farming -grow a lot more crops for ½ the labor and ½ the effort -bigger market -more commercial farming than self-sufficient farming
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