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Assignment_2[1] revised - The superhero genre consists of a...

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The superhero genre consists of a variety of elements and conventions that are essential to its identity as a graphic novel. Peter Coogan supports this fact by proposing that the requirements of the superhero are defined in terms of three key archetypes: power, identity, and missions. These three criteria are some among many that Evan Munday exploits in Quarter-Life Crisis: Only the Good Die Yung. Munday utilizes elements of form, such as 'icons of the invisible', 'image-word relations', and 'the line' to subvert the convention of superheroes having powers, to celebrate the conventions of the supervillain identity, and to exaggerate the missions and details of the story. Duncan and Smith define “powers” as a combination of otherworldly abilities with a weakness. In Quarter-Life Crisis, such 'otherworldly' powers are clearly absent from the ‘superheroes’ Harper and Aaron. Faces, one of the 'icons of the invisible', are used to portray their lack of power; for instance, when Harper and Aaron are being chased by the Rogers, they show emotions of fear through their facial expressions (11). While a superhero would be expected to face his foes, Harper and Aaron run away, with manifest terror in their countenances, from their adversaries. Their obvious cowardice when confronted by their rivals is indicative of their mortality and their lack of superhuman abilities. Another icon of the invisible, the word balloon, act as a means to externalize the internal emotions of the powerless ‘superheroes’ – in particular, Harper. This is seen on page 18, when Harper and Aaron believe that they have been caught by the Rogers, when in reality it is an 1895 that has found them. The word balloon of the exclamation “Get back! Get back!” is jagged, and this acts as a means to express the fright within Harper. Combined, these two
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Assignment_2[1] revised - The superhero genre consists of a...

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