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Spring 2011 BSC2011 - Integrated Principles of Biology II Syllabus for Sections 0543, 0544 & 4926 I. Class Meetings Lectures M-W-F Section 0543: Period 4, meets in MCCC0100 Section 0544: Period 5, meets in MCCC0100 Section 4926: Period 9, meets in WM0100 Online Exercises and Tutorials Continuously available II. BSC Laboratory Courses The BSC laboratory courses (BSC 2010L and BSC 2011L) are managed separately from the BSC lecture courses. Please read the information available at the BSC Website ( ) for more information on the laboratory courses. III. Instructors Jill Holliday , Ph.D. Department of Biology Office: 520 Carr Hall Office Hours: MWF Period 6 (immediately after class) or by appointment Phone: 229-327-4216 Email: [email protected] Heidi Wang , Ph.D. Cancer and Genetics Research Complex Office: 430G Office Hours: MWF Period 6 Phone: 352-273-8095 E-mail: [email protected] Ted Schuur , Ph.D. Department of Biology Office: 418 Carr Hall Office Hours: MWF Period 6 Email: [email protected] Dimitri Blondel (Online Instructor) Graduate Teaching Assistant Department of Biology Office Hours: e-mail Email: [email protected] IV. Email Communication All email correspondence to course instructors must be from your account, have your full name in the body of the email, and contain your course and section number in the subject line. Emails not meeting these requirements may not be recognized by our email filters, and thus may not be answered. All correspondence regarding the online instruction and homework ( MasteringBiology and Sakai ) must be sent to the Online Instructor (Dimitri Blondel) or posted on the Sakai discussion forums (See section VI E).
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V. Expectations Each student is solely responsible for reading and following the instructions, guidelines and schedules in this syllabus. Not having read the information in this syllabus will not constitute an excuse for missing an assignment, exam or other assessment. VI. Course Resources A. Textbook Biology 8th edition, by Campbell and Reece, Pearson Benjamin Cummings (publisher) Textbook publisher web site: You are responsible for using the correct edition. There are current versions of the textbook on reserve at the Marston Science Library. Visit the Reserve Materials area to check out these copies. B. Online Resources and Electronic Textbook MasteringBiology is an online homework and tutorial system from the textbook publisher. It is required for this course and is available with or without an e-book. Each new copy of the Campbell Biology 8e textbook comes automatically packaged with MasteringBiology and an e-book. Alternatively, you may access MasteringBiology and the e-book by making a standalone purchase either online at or through the bookstore. If you purchase a used textbook and want access to Mastering Biology , but do not want the e-book, you may also purchase this at a reduced rate either online or through the bookstore. MasteringBiology student access code and account:
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BSC2011Spring_11_syllabus - Spring 2011 BSC2011 Integrated...

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