poem - The title of this poem, I wandered lonely as a...

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The title of this poem, “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” suggests a sad and depressing poem at a first glance. This simile suggests the poet’s confusion and depression. However, a closer look at the actual poem clearly shows that this is not the case. The central object that the entire poem revolves around is the daffodil, which the poet describes and romanticizes throughout the poem. Daffodils are yellow flowers with warm, happy, and comforting connotations. The daffodils ultimately represent the poet’s dreams and goals, which uplift his spirit and cheer him up in periods of solitude and loneliness. Therefore, the overall theme of the poem is that being optimistic and aspiring toward one’s dreams can raise the spirit out of loneliness and depression, although the journey is not smooth and easy. William Wordsworth emphasizes this theme throughout the poem, through the use of various poetic and metrical devices, such as simile, personification, meter, and anastrophe. The beginning line of the poem repeats the title, “I wandered lonely as a cloud.” This repetition of this simile emphasizes the loneliness of the poet in the beginning of the
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poem - The title of this poem, I wandered lonely as a...

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