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reaction paper 3 muhammad jaffer

reaction paper 3 muhammad jaffer - Muhammad Jaffer...

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Muhammad Jaffer 11/03/10 Spirituality and Health: Reaction Paper 3 There is no doubt in my mind that throughout my life, religion has played a pivotal role in my development and cultivation as a spiritual individual. As a devout Muslim, I find that practicing my religion brings me inner peace and helps to progress my personal journey through spirituality. Based on my specific experiences as a religious adherent, then, I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Walsh when he contends that all religions have a perennial truth within them involving recognizing the sacred. Nonetheless, I have a strong point of disagreement with the author when he points out that “conventional moralism” instead of the “compassionate ethics” underlies most religious ethical doctrines (129). While he may attribute ritualistic dogmatism to the formality and archaic nature of the religious moral doctrines themselves, I believe the fault lies instead solely upon religious practitioners for the mindless way in which many of them practice their religious rituals: as an ossified set of values without any intrinsic value. This being the case, religious rituals in themselves are beautifully effective 'exercises' to cultivate spirituality in the first place. Moreover, they enjoy widespread religious acceptance and are often designed to be practical yet challenging. Therefore, while indeed interesting, there is no real need to retool a set of rituals for everyday practice in the modern world as Roger Walsh has done. Instead, individuals can cultivate their inner spirituality within the context of their own religious moral code without modification, if this is preferred. Due to my acquaintance with Islamic doctrine, I will use its fundamental rituals and personal experience to demonstrate this fact in the context of two of the religious 'practices' pointed out in Essential Spirituality: “ Concentrate and Calm Your Mind” and “Express Spirit in Action: Embrace Generosity and the Joy of Service”. Of course, it will be assumed that discussing the congeniality of the Islamic moral code with
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Muhammad Jaffer 11/03/10 these two principles serves to represent the efficacy of all religious moral codes in evoking modern spiritual enlightenment. The practice to “Concentrate and Calm Your Mind” is one of the most fundamental for
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reaction paper 3 muhammad jaffer - Muhammad Jaffer...

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