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Muhammad Jaffer TA: Tao Chen Signature of Approval:_____________________ Scheme of Analysis: Assignment 5 Possible Cations: Na+, K+, NH4+, Ca2+, Mg(OH2)62+, Al(OH2)63+ Possible Anions: HO - , Cl - , NO 3 - , SO 4 2- , HSO 4 - , CO32-, HCO3- I. Description of the Sample Take note of phase, color, odor, shape, and solubility. Indicate as well whether the salt appears to be a mixture. If so, homogenize the sample, because it is necessary that all the sample species are present in solution while conducting quantitative analysis. II. Tests to be Done Before Preparation of the Solution 1. Flame Test 1. If an orange flame is produced, then Na + is present in the sample, other cations should NOT be ruled out as possible constituents though (understand the difference between a positive and negative flame test for Na + ). 2. If a purple flame is produced, then K + is present in the sample. Na + can be ruled out as absent in the original sample, because a purple flame would not be visible if Na + was a principal species in the sample. If no red flame accompanies the purple flame, then Ca2+ can also be ruled out as a constituent species. No other cations should be ruled out from the sample. 3. If only a red flame is produced, then Ca2+ is present in the solution, and K+ and Na+ are not present in the solution. Other cations cannot be ruled out from the sample. 4. If no flame color is produced, then Na+, Ca2+, and K+ can all be ruled out from the sample. III. Tests Involving the Formation of Solution
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Combine one-half to two-thirds of the original sample with 10-15 mL of DIW. Put this solution aside for later use (A * next to a test indicates that this solution may be used to carry out the test). Also,
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scheme assignment 5 - Muhammad Jaffer TA: Tao Chen...

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