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Jaffer 1 Fatimah Jaffer Mrs. Klein Theory of Knowledge December 6, 2010 10. A model is a simplified representation of some aspect of the world. In what ways may models help or hinder the search for knowledge? Models have existed in our world for centuries, and they have helped humans immensely in the quest for knowledge. Models function as examples: bases of comparison by which to judge new discoveries. In this way, a model can be both helpful and hindering. If a model is correct, it can lead to future advances in the field, and can even help lead to further discoveries in related fields. However, if a model is incorrect, it can be very misleading. It may lead to false conclusions and further inaccurate theories that deviate from the reality of truth. (Also, models serve to organize and explain phenomenological data in a coherent and consistent fashion.) Ptolemy’s planetary model has been the subject of much controversy in the field of science and astronomy. Ptolemy’s model held that the earth was the center of the universe, and the sun and other planets made orbits around the earth. In addition, stars were celestial bodies outside of the realm of the solar systems orbit, and were not a part of our galaxy (This is a very inaccurate way of explaining Ptolemaic astronomy. Stars occupied their own sphere. Say this instead: every planetary body moved across the sky in circular orbits, known as “deferents” and “epicycles”, and cosmic bodies occupied their own distinct spheres. Although Ptolemy’s model was incorrect, it lead to many advances in the astronomy, in that other astronomers further researched Ptolemy’s ideas and found their flaws, thus correcting and simplifying his model. Ptolemy’s model was therefore augmented with mathematical models that reconciled the
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tok revised - Jaffer 1 Fatimah Jaffer Mrs Klein Theory of...

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