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moduel 1 BA101

moduel 1 BA101 - Running head INTERNATIONAL COMPANY 1...

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Running head: INTERNATIONAL COMPANY 1 International Company Your name Class Date Instructor
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INTERNATIONAL COMPANY 2 International Company The company we chose is an international fortune 500 company AXA that offer life insurance and financial management services. “It is based in Paris, France but operate in the United States, England, Thailand and Malaysia” (Fortune, 2010). The company expansion in United Kingdom is very slow and has 50% growth in Asia. In the earlier period of time AXA has been struggling in the UK due to the harder economic situation. UK should focus on their pricing strategy, so the prospective customers can get greatest rate for the insurance and other financial services. The firm believes that the services they provide are very vital to the potential and existing customers who are looking for insurance plans or buying a new home or starting a new family. For this segment of customers, low risk investment is very appealing especially in the challenging economic situations. On the other hand, they also should concentrate on the retiring
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