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Week 8 Concept Check Describe what the graph of interval [-4,-10] looks like? The first thing that needs to be understood when working with intervals is that this bracket [ ] means to include the point or an easier way to look at it is equal to that point. This ( ) bracket means to not include the point or not equal to. These brackets can be setup in different way such as ( ], or [ ) when you see this it means the number that [2 follows or the number that proceeds the bracket 2] includes this number. The bracket that as the number that follows the (9 or
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Unformatted text preview: proceeds 9) does not include the number. Next you would draw a number line. Opened circles or uncolored circles means the number is not included. Darkened or colored in circles mean the number is included. Last for this particular interval [-4,-10] it say the values are -4, -10 to include these numbers so that means on the number line you would mark the values and then you would color in the circles to include the points....
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