Characteristics of Orientalism

Characteristics of Orientalism - Characteristics of...

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Characteristics of Orientalism, Prejudice and Discrimination One of the biggest differences between Muslims and Arabs are the religious beliefs. Muslims believe in Islam. Islam follows the rules governed by the Qur’an. Arabs can choose whatever faith or religion they want to follow such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Muslims are recognized more by religious preferences and Arabs is a characterization that is used to recognize the ethic background of someone that is from the Middle East. Muslims speak different languages and the languages can be from any part of the world. That is because Muslims mostly live in Asia, Africa, and some Middle Eastern Countries. This makes their languages skills more diverse than Arabs. Arabs speak primarily Arabic and live in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and Syria, their native language is that of the land Arabic. Muslims out number Arabs in the world today because they are more spread around the world than Arabs are. There are no physical characteristics to define Muslims or Arabs it can be anyone
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Characteristics of Orientalism - Characteristics of...

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