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Buddhism Notes - Buddhism Notes 1 The Chronicle of Higher...

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Unformatted text preview: Buddhism Notes 1 The Chronicle of Higher Education journal--are undergrads actually learning anything? 2500 yrs--500 BCE to 2011 CE History and Anthropology Buddhism in India is different from Buddhism in China Different traditions: Nikaya, Mahayana, Tibetan Reasons why there are differences/changes?: Geographical, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant --> capitalism, printing press = gave rise to Protestantism What role does technology play in Buddhism? Religion (for believers): unchanging, eternal truth Religion (in this class): socio-historical phenomenon/construct (man made response to whats going on in the world in order to explain the world) Religion changes with the historical context My question!: Buddha stereotype (fat, smiling, rub belly etc.) = 9th century Chinese monk. Buddha of the future Major categories of questions: Different Buddhist schools Buddha myth Historical context Social context Religious context Teaching Women and Buddhism: were 2nd class citizens in early India and therefore could not be enlightened. One of the reasons is b/c women dont have a penis (one of the 32 marks) Basic principle of buddhism is that we live in samsara = cycle of life and death. Worst place to be. Being born leads to suffering. To get out of cycle, experience enlightenment which leads to Nirvana (extinction)--no longer suffer b/c not born in this world. The Four Buddhisms 1. Nikaya/Theravada/Mainstream Traditional 500 BCE (2500 years ago) Arhat = somebody who is enlightened (the goal) No-self Southeast Asia aka Hinayana = shit vehicle (bad--dont use this) Buddha was just a man 2. Mahayana New Revelation 500 CE Bodhisattva = what you want to be. Keeps coming back into the world to help others (i.e. Dali Lama = His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama--14 times hes come back to the world). Keep coming back until everyone is enlightened. Emptiness Buddhism Notes 2 East Asia Major distinction: Buddha becomes a god (not just a man) 3. Vajrayana/Tantric Buddhism Latest Revelation 1000 CE Mahasiddha = what you want to become Visualization Tibet Tantric practices = distinctive form of religious practice that arose in India. Affected every religion in India. Uses visualization in order to achieve enlightenment 4. Buddhist Modernism 1. Newest form of Buddhism 2. 19th-20th century 3. Rational and scientific philosophy 4. No rituals 5. No samgha 6. Focus on meditation 7. Tina Turner and other famous people practice 8. American popular culture (yoga, meditating etc.) Buddha Myth How was Buddhas exit from the world/passing through mystical states recorded/known if he himself was dead and no one was there with him?...
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Buddhism Notes - Buddhism Notes 1 The Chronicle of Higher...

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