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Homework #6 Problem 38 - Pg. 390 Business Issue : Supermarket Brand Ketchup versus National Brand Ketchup Business Question:  Is the Percentage of Supermarket Shoppers who believe  supermarket ketchup was as good as the national brand different from 64%? Data: A sample of 100 shoppers were sampled, and 52 stated that the supermarket brand was as good as the national brand. Analysis: Normal Test for Proportions -  1) Hypothesis -  Ho: p = .64 2) Test Statistic - Calculate p-bar of a sample of 100 shoppers who think the supermarket brand is as good as the national brand. If Ho is true and ( p=.64) p-bar will be normally distributed  with a mean of .64 and a standard error = Standard Error = (.64(1-.64)/ 100)^.5 = 
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Unformatted text preview: 0.05 3) Significance Level - Alpha = .05 4) Reject Rule - Reject Ho if p-bar is < 0.55 Reject Ho if p-bar is > 0.73 5) Calculations - p - bar = .52 P - value = 2*normdist ( .52,.64,.048,1) = 0.01 0.01 6) Conclusion - Reject Ho Business Answer: The sample of 100 shoppers, is strong evidence to be able conclude that the percentage of shoppers who believe supermarket ketchup was as good as the national brand is different from 64%. The test that was conducted allowed for a 5% chance of error which allowed for this conclusion to be reached. Also, the p-bar value of .52 shows that fewer shoppers believe the supermarket brand is as good as the name brand. Ha: p .64...
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