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Dan Kelley Chapter 4 Homework Ex) 4-116: Ex) 4-120: 1) Earnings Per Share A) Operating / Selling Expense 2) Comprehensive Income  B) Operating Expenses 3) Prior Period Adjustments C) Other Revenues and Gains 4) Extraordinary Items D) COGS 5) Discontinued Operations E) Discontinued Operations 6) Intraperiod Tax Allocation F) Other Expeneses and Losses G) Profit or Loss from Continuing Operations H) COGS I) Sales Revenue J) Administravie Expense K) Operating / Selling Expense L) Other Revenues and Gains Pr) 4-125: Wilcox Corporation Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2010 Income From Continuing Operations Before Tax 1,200,000
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Unformatted text preview: Income Tax 360,000 Income From Continuing Operations 840,000 Discontinued Operations Loss on disposal of stereo divisionn less applicable income tax of $45,000 105,000 Income before extra ordinary item 735,000 Extra Ordinary Item - Loss from earthquake less applicable income tax of $60,000 140,000 Net Income 595,000 Per share of Common Stock income from continuing operations 4.2 loss on disposal of discontinued operation net of tax 0.53 Income before extra ordinary item 3.68 Extra ordinary loss net of tax 0.7 Net Income 2.98...
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