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Law Chap 2 - Law Chap 2 The Court Systems Generally Federal...

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Law – Chap 2 The Court Systems Generally Federal Courts: 11 Circuit Courts, District of Columbia Circuit and Federal Circuit for a total of 13 federal districts) Federal Judges: Federal judges are guaranteed lifetime tenure ―during good behavior. Impeachment is rare. State Judges: chosen by a variety of methods: elected, appointed, and by various mixtures of the former two methods. Judicial Immunity —Under established doctrine, a judge is absolutely immune from suit for damages for judicial acts taken within or even in excess of their jurisdiction. Organization of the Court System: The U.S. system consists of federal and state court systems. Both have courts of original and appellate jurisdiction. The Federal Courts Federal District Courts —Courts of original jurisdiction in the federal system; the only court in the federal system to use juries. Specialized Federal Courts —The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has subject matter jurisdiction limited to intellectual property cases (patents, trademarks and copyrights), cases in which the government is sued, and appeals for certain federal courts with special jurisdiction. There is also the U.S. Court of International Trade. U.S. Supreme Court —Established by the Constitution; the highest court of appeal. It is an appellate court but also has original jurisdiction in certain cases, such as disputes between two states. The State Courts: Similar in every state and patterned after the federal system with a high court, intermediate appellate courts and trial courts. Courts of limited original jurisdiction are also common (e.g., small claims courts, justice of the peace
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Law Chap 2 - Law Chap 2 The Court Systems Generally Federal...

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