MGT 101 - Chap 8

MGT 101 - Chap 8 - Chap 8 - CONTROL CONTROLL I NG: t he...

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Chap 8 - CONTROL CONTROLLING: the process of measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired results; checking that plans have been achieved. All too often, we hear of companies that have to do expensive recalls because their products are unsafe. Recalls of salmonella-infested nuts may be attributed to a company’s failure to engage in the control function, which involves checking that actual results match planned objectives. Inadequate controls contribute to inferior resources and/or to inferior production processes and/or inferior products. MANAGEMENT BY EXCEPTION: focuses attention on substantial differences between actual and desired performance. The installation department of a technology firm was losing money at a rate that far exceeded its standards. It was determined that too much money was being spent on overhead, prompting further investigation as to the source of the excessive expenditures. Upon establishing that too much indirect material was being used, the firm hired consultants to teach the
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MGT 101 - Chap 8 - Chap 8 - CONTROL CONTROLL I NG: t he...

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