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MGT 101 - Chap 12

MGT 101 - Chap 12 - C hap 12 GROUPS G ROUP Two or more...

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Chap 12- GROUPS GROUP: Two or more people who interact with each other to accomplish certain goals or meet certain needs. Examples of groups in organizations include departments, task forces and other ad hoc groups, and unions. GROUP ROLES: A set of behaviors and tasks that a member of a group is expected to perform because of his or her position in the group. After Paul volunteered to be the recording secretary for his fraternity, he was expected to take minutes of all group meetings. /In a self-managed work group, typically one person will emerge as the task leader, who sets the group’s agenda and takes steps to keep the members on track toward accomplishing their goals, whereas another person will emerge as the maintenance leader, who tries to facilitate positive interactions and relationships among group members. NORM: A behavior, rule or standard to be followed by group members. A group could have a norm to begin every meeting by joking around, to arrive punctually,
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