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Week 4 checkpoint I picked the style of love based on the six basic love theories. One style of love is Ludus and it's a style that refers to the 'player' or the conqueror. The person who sees love as a sport or a game to be won. They will have a host of lovers or admirers, and sometimes they will be truthful to each of them, but most times they will hide them from each other. It can be an exciting lifestyle, having different people and different activities, and it definitely keeps you on your toes having to juggle a variety of personalities and situations. Another style of love is Storge love. People who love this way want to be friends with their partner first. The entire relationship is based on trust and friendship, and they will go out of their way not
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Unformatted text preview: to cause harm to one another. The way that I see these two styles being similar is that both types like to enjoy their partner and have fun together. When I was much younger, I was more interested in playing the field and not getting serious with one person, as I got a little older, Eros love became more important, and I thought I was in love every other week. Now I look more for a friend and my style of love has developed into Storge love. I want to get to know someone before becoming intimate with them. I want to know what they want out of life and to see if we are compatible and can maintain a friendship...
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