Gen371 Minitest 1 (white)

Gen371 Minitest 1 (white) - Gen371 Minitest 1 (white)...

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1/26/11 4:20 PM Gen371 Minitest 1 (white) Page 1 of 3 Minitest 1 11 October 2010 (white version) 1. Scientists have found recessive, temperature-sensitive mutations in cohesin and APC genes in mustard plants. The mutant proteins are normal at low temperature but completely non-functional at high temperature. Plants that are homozygous for either of these mutations are normal at low temperatures but show defects in mitosis at high temperatures. A plant of genotype Aahh was crossed to a plant of genotype aa Hh . Predict the outcome of this cross if the genes are assorting independently: give the predicted genotype ratios and the ratio of mitosis phenotypes at high temperature. If you predict mitotic defects, be specific as to what kind of defect--i.e., what you might observe in cells undergoing division. Give the mitosis phenotypes of the parents in the cross at high temperature: Aahh: Premature separation of chromatids (because cohesins aren't functioning) aa Hh: Stuck in metaphase (APC not functioning, so separase not released, so no destruction of cohesins) Note: It is not enough to say "cohesins are defective" or "APC is defective" as the mitosis phenotype -- that's just repeating the information you are already given as part of the question. Predicted genotypes and ratios of the progeny:
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Gen371 Minitest 1 (white) - Gen371 Minitest 1 (white)...

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