Gen371 Minitest 2 (white)

Gen371 Minitest 2 (white) - Gen371 Minitest 2 (white)...

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1/26/11 4:20 PM Gen371 Minitest 2 (white) Page 1 of 3 Minitest 2 22 October 2010 (white version) 1. A female cat (named "Lucky") of genotype Ww was mated several times over a few years to a male ("Joey"). Half the kittens were completely white. Among the pigmented progeny… males were either orange or solid black females were either solid black or tortoiseshell (patches of orange and black). Visible striping was never seen in any black region on any kitten. Assume that there were enough kittens to make reasonable genotype conclusions. (a) Give the genotype of the male parent (Joey) at the O and W loci: ww X o Y (b) Give the genotype (where possible) of the female (Lucky) at the loci listed, using ‘?' to indicate unknowns. Give a one-line explanation for all three loci (including unknowns if any). Assume that all the loci assort independently of each other. Locus Lucky's genotype Reasoning O X O X o Sons are either orange or black, so Lucky must have X O and X o A aa No evidence of agouti ticking ever, so no dominant A allele present in either parent B ?? All we can tell is that the kittens all receive a dominant B, but Joey (the dad) could be BB and so the mom could be anything (Note: the genotype and the reasoning both have to be valid.) 2. Lucky (the X
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Gen371 Minitest 2 (white) - Gen371 Minitest 2 (white)...

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