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Gen371 Practice 2 Answers - Gen371 Practice 2 Answers 4:18...

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1/26/11 4:18 PM Gen371 Practice 2 Answers Page 1 of 4 http://courses.washington.edu/au371mkr/resources/problems/problems_02-key.html Practice problems set 2 -- answers 1. How would the outcome differ if there had been a crossover between the centromere and the D locus? 2. (a) The homologues have separated -- so it must be meiosis. (b) Sister chromatids have separated, and there is one copy of each homologue -- so it must be a mitotic division. 3. Your diagram should: show the correct number and positions of chromosomes and chromatids have appropriate alleles marked on all chromatids show spindle attachment as necessary show at least one crossover per homologue pair be unambiguously consistent with the genotypes of the spores that will result from this meiosis Home Course mechanics Help hours Calendar Syllabus Lectures, Podcasts Quiz Sections Practice problems Exams GoPost Send email to class Useful links The Gradiator
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1/26/11 4:18 PM Gen371 Practice 2 Answers Page 2 of 4 http://courses.washington.edu/au371mkr/resources/problems/problems_02-key.html 4. (a) The following arrangement of chromosomes was observed in a cell undergoing division. Three loci and their alleles are marked. Assume that nothing aberrant is occurring. (i) What is the ploidy of this cell, and how did you reach your conclusion? Ploidy: 1N (haploid) Reasoning: Two different chromosomes are present (as we can tell because they don't have the same loci) and there is just one copy of each, so it must be haploid. The fact that each chromosome has two chromatids (i.e., it's in a replicated state) does not change that conclusion.
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