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1 ME 475 HOMEWORK #3 SOLUTIONS Spring 2011 PROBLEM 1: FPE, Prob. 3.25, p. 189. (5 th edition) or p. 159 – 160 (6 th edition) GIVEN : The unity feedback system shown in Fig 3.60: (5 th edition) or Fig 3.58 (6 th edition) FIND : The gain and pole location of the compensator so that the overall closed-loop response to a unit-step input has an overshoot of no more than 25%, and a 1% settling time of no more than 0.1 sec.
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Unformatted text preview: Verify your design using MATLAB. PROBLEM 2: Given : Proportional control system Find : The range of K for stability. PROBLEM 3: FPE, Prob. 3.42, p. 196. (5 th edition) or Prob. 3.45, p. 167 (6 th edition). R + Y K...
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