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ME 475 Out: 2/17; due: 2/24 HOMEWORK #6 Spring 2011 PROBLEM 1 : FPE, Prob. 5.5(e) and (f), pp. 280. Make sure you compute departure and/or arrival angles. PROBLEM 2 : Given : Specs .: (i) (ii) Find : (a) open-loop stability (b) stability for G c (s) = K (c) stability for PD and PI (d) appropriate controller to meet specs. (e) simulate step response; 2 nd order dominant? PROBLEM 3 : Given: Find: (a) G c (s) = K(s + z)/(s + p), using root locus methods, so that the resulting closed-loop system response is dominated by the 2nd order roots and meets the following specifications:
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Unformatted text preview: i) damping ratio of 2nd order roots is 0.707, ii) 2% settling time is 1 second. (b) Steady-state error of resulting system for a unit ramp input. (c) G 2 (s) = (s + α )/(s + β ) to reduce the error in (b) by a factor of 10 without altering the system specifications in (a). (d) Root locus for the system incorporating both compensators. (e) Time response of compensated system and check to see if specifications are met. θ d + − θ G c (s) G p (s)...
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