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hw10 - Given The position control system uses unity...

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ME 475 HOMEWORK #10 Spring 2011 PROBLEM 1 : FPE, Prob. 6.45, p. 403. Notice that you do not have to satisfy a steady-state error specification. Therefore, you are allowed to introduce a gain to help you meet the specifications. Please note that this gain can be less than 1 if necessary. Given : Third-order servo system: Find : Lead compensator so that PM 50º and ω BW 20 rad/sec using Bode plot sketches. PROBLEM 2
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Unformatted text preview: : Given : . The position control system uses unity feedback. Find : A lead compensator (with gain) so that the resulting closed-loop system satisfies the following specifications: (i) steady-state error to unit ramp input ≤ 0.04 (ii) phase margin ≥ 45 ° . PROBLEM 3 : Given : Find : (a) Compensator G c (s) for and 45 ° < PM < 46 ° (b) Unit step and unit ramp responses Y(s) R(s) + G c (s) −...
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