32 test - Which of the following terms or structures is...

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Which of the following terms or structures is properly associated only with animals? Hox genes Both animals and fungi are heterotrophic. What distinguishes animal heterotrophy from fungal heterotrophy is that only animals derive their nutrition by ingesting it. Which of the following is (are) unique to animals? nervous conduction and muscular movement The number of legs an insect has, the number of vertebrae in a vertebral column, or the number of joints in a digit (such as a finger) are all strongly influenced by Hox genes. What do animals as diverse as corals and monkeys have in common? presence of Hox genes In individual insects of some species, whole chromosomes that carry larval genes are eliminated from the genomes of somatic cells at the time of metamorphosis. A consequence of this occurrence is that we could not clone a larva from the somatic cells of such an adult insect. Which trait makes animals unique on the tree of life? Presence of muscle and nervous tissue Which of the following characteristics do animals not display? Haploid adults True or false? Animals show a wide range of basic body plans. False Which group of animals lacks tissue? Sponges Which of the following statements about body cavities in animals is true? Coelomates have internal organs that are covered by mesoderm when the coelom is formed. How does the early development of deuterostomes and protostomes differ? The blastopore becomes the anus only in deuterostomes. True or false? Triploblasts are animals whose embryos have three tissue layers, which are called the endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. True The last common ancestor of all animals was probably a flagellated protist. Almost all of the major animal body plans seen today appeared in the fossil record over 500 million years ago at the beginning of the Cambrian period. Evidence of which structure or characteristic would be most surprising to find among fossils of the Ediacaran fauna? hard parts Which statement is most consistent with the hypothesis that the Cambrian explosion was increased incidence of hard parts in the fossil record
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caused by the rise of predator-prey relationships? Which of these genetic processes may be most helpful in accounting for the Cambrian explosion? gene duplication Whatever its ultimate cause(s), the Cambrian explosion is a prime example of adaptive radiation. What is the probable sequence in which the following clades of animals originated, from earliest to most recent? 1. tetrapods 2. vertebrates 3. deuterostomes 4. amniotes 5. bilaterians
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32 test - Which of the following terms or structures is...

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