northern ireland - T he majority of people in Northern I...

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Unformatted text preview: T he majority of people in Northern I reland define themselves as Protestants, though the p roportion of Catholics has significantly increased since the province was created in 1920.1 Catholics' higher (though declining) birthrate has led to speculation that they will become a majority around 2025. But there would still be a time lag before this majority was reflected i n the population of voting age. Catholic men are 2.2 t imes more likely to be unemployed than Protestant men (the corresponding figure for women is 1.8 times). Northern I reland Catholic men have the h ighest unemployment rate of any group in the UK, while Northern I reland's Protestants have the second lowest Responsibility for killing[113] Responsible party Republican paramilitary groups Loyalist paramilitary groups British security forces Persons unknown Irish security forces Total No. 2057 1019 363 82 5 3526 Good Friday Agreement The historic talks finally resulted in the landmark Good Friday Agreement, which was signed by the main political parties on both sides on Apr. 10, 1998. The accord called for an elected assembly for Northern Ireland, a cross-party cabinet with devolved powers, and cross-border bodies to handle issues common to both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Thus minority Catholics gained a share of the political power in Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland a voice in Northern Irish affairs. In return Catholics were to relinquish the goal of a united Ireland unless the largely Protestant North voted in favor of it. ...
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northern ireland - T he majority of people in Northern I...

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