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Program Planning and Evaluation Paper Jennifer Roque HSM/270 February 13, 2011 Joyce White
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When a program comes into existence planning and evaluation are two very important aspects that have to be taken into consideration. The organization must set goals and objectives and how they will be met both by the clients that will receive them and by the funders who will see that the day to day operation will be able to exist. Without these strategies the program will fail. Comparison of Program Planning and Program Evaluation Program planning is of the utmost importance in the proper delivery and the program evaluation for any human resource agency. It focuses on creating programs that will meet all the needs of a specific group. The agency needs to discuss the goals they want to reach as well as define what their objectives are. The planning process is built around the needs of a specific issue and needs the clientele that it will serve. The assessment defines the focus for an organization or agency by determining what population is to be targeted for assistance. The planning committee discusses and opens it up for ideas of how to meet the issues at hand. Both planning and evaluation are essential to the success of any human services program. Program evaluation makes sure the program stays focused and meets the needs of the group of people that the program is aimed at. This also lets collaborating providers know that the
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