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Unformatted text preview: MSM Business Management Flowchart Management Core I Requirements (12.0 credit hours) OB/HR Emphasis Requirements (9.0) Complete all three of the following emphasis courses: Org B 327 Human Resource Management (FW) Recommended that this course be taken before or concurrently with OB 330 & 347. Org B 330 Organizational Development and Change (W) Org B 347 Managerial Leadership Development (FW) OB/HR Emphasis Electives (6.0) Complete two of the following emphasis elective courses: Org B 429 Compensation, Benefits, and Performance Management (W) Org B 431 International Human Resources (F) Org B 490R Pre-PhD Seminar in OB/HR (W) MBA 536 Training & Development (W) MBA 539 Third-World Development (F) MBA 544 Teams & Work Groups (F) Students may fill the electives with other MSM courses as approved by the OB/HR program coordinator and/or the MSM College Advisement Center. Org B 490R Professional Development Seminar (FW) (0.5 credits) The 0.5 credit-hour seminar sections are not included in the 6.0 credits as emphasis electives. However, OBHR emphasis students should plan to take this development course twice during the 6....
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