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Devotional 2/9/10 Spencer J. Condie it in impossible to be filled with joy if we do not bridle our passions. Those that are converted are those that have a joyful countenance. Signs that we are cleansed of our sins 1. will have a joyful heart 2. hearts filled with love 3. We have love in our countenance 4. minds that do not want to hurt others 5. We will teach those around us to come unto Christ, and our children will be men and women of principle. 6. We will succor those that are in need “Now the Lord knows where I stand!!!” 3/9/10 Glen L Pace (seventy) The Sanctification influence of Woman upon Man God had to wait to give me Rebekah until the time could come that I could appreciate her!! I love her so much and I have never seen anything so beautiful. All beauty is infused in her and glory is within her, she is all beauty and life and the tendering influence in my heart. Only my God and my Rebekah did I love with all my heart.
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