NT - New Testament 1/4/10 Mark 16:1-5 young man sitting on...

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New Testament 1/4/10 Mark 16:1-5 - young man sitting on the sepulchre Matt 28:1-6 - an angel is on the sepulchre Luke 24:1-6 - two men in the sepulchre John 20: 11-13 - two angels Which one is true? - law of witnesses (two by two) - angels in the scriptures are always men (priesthood) 1/6/10 ACTS 1 Three reasons why there are mistakes in the bible carelessness ignorance corrupt priests 1 nephi 13:26-28 took away plain and precious parts and covenants (did it on purpose) Knew that they were guessing when the word were italizied David predicted that someone would betray jesus because he had lost his salvation and knew that someone else would lose their salvation casting lots was not like drawing straws D&C 107:27-unanimous or they wouldn't have moved forward (voting to see who is going to go) Luke 1:1-4 writing gospel to a man named Theophilus (Theo-God philos- lover of) might be writing to a group of people but think he is really writing to loyalty Acts 1:1-4 luke is writing history of the apostle and church part 2 don't leave jerusalem until you receive the promise of the father promise of the father=more then just the holy ghost endowment-fullness of the holy ghost need the endowment because they are going on their “missions” rest of the twelve got their endowments on the day of pentacost Before Jesus ascends into heaven he tells the apostles that it is not their buisness to know when he will restore the house of isreal. He tells then that they are going to serve missions in Jerusalem, Judea. Samaria and the rest of the world. Half steps law of moses- wouldnt save them but would rather point them to christ tithing- doesn't care about our 10% but cares about 100% of our hearts priesthood- time table divorce- we can now divorce for many different reasons ordinances- start with baptism and goes all the way up to the temple
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Jesus ascension two angels- law of witnesses will go up and back down with a physical body and in all his glory 1/11/10 2 ways to read scriptures application interpretation Clove and tongues outpouring of the holy ghost have experienced it in the last days but they don't tell us what it is refers to the day of pentacost Acts 1:12-15- first meeting without christ peter directs the meeting- prophet of church in the upper room where they had the last supper with their wives (their women) last time you here mary the mother of jesus mentioned 120 members of the church- starts to grow quickly Luke 4:38-39 peter has wife and family women are important- don't descent to that level Passover- evil spirit passed over isrealites (last easter) Pentecost= 50 days after passover- 1 st harvest feast of the tabernacles- moses and children were in the wilderness- last harvest (thanksgiving) Acts 2:1-4 dedication of kirtland temple- very similar to the day of pentecost gift of tongues reserved for missionaries
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NT - New Testament 1/4/10 Mark 16:1-5 young man sitting on...

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