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church history - Church History Burial of Joseph Smith...

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Unformatted text preview: Church History 1/10/11- Burial of Joseph Smith Praise to the man- Written by W.W Phelps jospeh's funeral eulogy Martyrdom of Joseph Smith June 27,1844 Carthage Illinois nauvoo was the largest community Joseph and Hyrum had many charges both were charged with treason to the US- if found guilty they would be hung to death Joseph talked with Gov. Thomas Ford he was a democrat Ford had left to go to nauvoo and was eating dinner at emmas home 5:15 in carthage mob is outside (has been out there since 1:00) mob starts shooting ■ first to fall is hyrum smith (patriarch) shot in nose last words “I am a dead man” ■ Second was John Taylor 4 bullets in his body- wrist, hip, right and left leg bullet hits his watch also known as a martyr of carthage jail ■ Third was joseph smith was 38.5 years old last words “my dear brother hyrum” goes to the window and climbs out on the window frame and raises up his hands and says “ oh lord my god” was shot in the back and falls face down at the well ■ Fourth Williard Richards was a self-pronounce doctor pushed john taylor under the bed shot in the ear lobe Plan of the mob was to cut off josephs and hyrums head and put them on broomsticks and march to Nauvoo before they could cut off their head someone yelled “ the mormons are coming” mob moves out and will go down to warsaw and celebrate that they killed mormonism Williard richards moves John Taylor and goes to see joseph John taylor wants him to take him with him but Williard says no Williard wanted to go see joseph- went outside to get joseph and no one else is outside Many people come and ask what they can do to help ■ tell them to lay joseph and hyrum next to eachother up in the jail ■ go find someone that could write a declaration saying that joseph and hyrum were shot under the protection of the state of Illinois ■ send a note to Nauvoo saying: “Joseph the prophet is dead, our patriarch Hyrum is dead, John Taylor in injured. I give you my word and we will not retaliate.” goes to the jail section and carries john taylor through the town of carthage to a hotel in town- Hamilton Hotel ■ says he needs a room where there can be an operation ■ John Taylor was offered alcohol before the operation but he said no... he wanted to look his assasin in the eye ■ Surgeon took bullet out of wrist, right leg, hip but was not able to get the one in the left leg out- to wrapped up in muscle and bone he lives 43 years afterward but has to use a cane blood clot formed where the bullet was formed- played a part in his death William Richards wants people to write everything down that was on joseph and hyrum- descriptions Joseph and Hyrum get moved to the Hamiliton Hotel Hotel owner made coffins for them There are runners going back and forth to Nauvoo Gov. Ford and his men and his 60 men come face to the runners-”The Deed is done we must Gov....
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church history - Church History Burial of Joseph Smith...

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