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Chapter 1-Flow Chart

Chapter 1-Flow Chart - 2 Criminal Cases(seek punishment for...

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Legal Studies Chapter 1-Flow Chart 02/22/09 Intro to Law Concepts that establish the framework for a nation’s functioning market 1) Law 2) Rule of Law 3) Property (“Ownership”) Exclusionary Right Come to own resources through a property based legal system 1) Gift 2) Exchange (Buying and Selling) 3) Accession (changing a raw material into a finished product or adding on to something) 4) First Possession (Meteorite story, wild game, abandon things) 5) Adverse Possession (the boundary fence on your property story) 6) Original Possession Main “schools” of Jurisprudence (philosophy of law) 1) Natural Law 2) Positive Law 3) Historical Law 4) Sociological jurisprudence 5) Legal Realism Two major Legal Systems 1) Common Law Role of judges (judge made law, precedents) 2) Civil Law Relies on legislation Another way to divide law 1) Public Law Constitutional Law Administrative Law 1
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Legal Studies Chapter 1-Flow Chart 02/22/09 Intro to Law Criminal Law 2) Private Law Property Law Contract Law Tort Law Another way to classify law 1) Civil Cases (request for damages)
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Criminal Cases (seek punishment for wrongdoer) Another distinction in law 1) Substantive Law (defines rights and duties) 2) Procedural Law (enforcing those rights and duties) Sources of Law 1) Constitutions (Federal and States) 2) Legislation • Statute or act • Ordinance • Code • Statutory Construction (How the courts interpret and apply the meaning of legislation) 3) Administrative Agencies 4) Case Law (Judicial Decisions) • Opinions • Precedents • Advantages: • Stare Decisis • Disadvantages: 2 Legal Studies Chapter 1-Flow Chart 02/22/09 Intro to Law • Volume of cases • Conflicting Precedents • Dicta • Rejection of precedents • Conflicts of law Legal Sanctions 1) Sanctions 2) Remedy 3) Breach of Contract • Compensatory Damages • Specific Performance 4) Tort • Intentional • Negligence • Strict Liability • Punitive (exemplary) damages 5) Corporate Governance 3...
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