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Chapter 5-Flow Chart - • De novo judicial review 5 Award...

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Legal Studies Chapter 5- Flow Chart 02/22/09 Alternative Dispute Resolution Arbitration 1) Advantages: Quick and inexpensive Avoid formalities of courtroom Can submit many disputes to experts for solutions 2) Submission 3) Voluntary Arbitration Predispute arbitration clause Postdispute arbitration clause 4) Mandatory Arbitration Controls court congestion Subjected to numerous constitutional challenges
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Unformatted text preview: • De novo judicial review 5) Award Voluntary versus Mandatory Arbitration on previous page Mediation 1) Caucus 2) No need for judicial review 3) Advantages • Disputing parties remain in full control over the resolution of the controversy 4) Disadvantages • No enforcement mechanism that ensures the parties will mediate in good faith 1...
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